Best Slots 2023

Popular candy theme combined with a high potential max win.
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Straightforward slot with a Japanese theme. Often found in the casinos most popular slots lists.
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Loads of action in this popular slot. Win big from the free spins feature or the jackpot.
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The classic that you always find in the casinos top lists.
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Super highly volatile slot with a 50.000x stake potential max win.
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The hyped Megaways sequel to one of the most played online slots.
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The world record jackpot slot.
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A classic and one of the most played online slots.
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One of the most popular Cluster Pays casino slots online.
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Very different and entertaining slot.
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Best casino slots online

The foundation of online casinos is slots. Casinos were dominated by table games for many years, especially Black Jack and Roulette, but as technology moved forward and the internet came, online slots have taken over.

Table games will probably always have a place in online casinos, but the game providers can really be creative when it comes to online slots, and they are just getting better and better. Every week there are new releases, and it’s always interesting to see what’s new on the market—for example, new features that we haven’t seen before, a new theme, etc.

Since there are so many good game providers today and so many new slots released every week, the online casinos have thousands of slots to offer their players, and it´s sometimes not easy to know which one to choose. We at Topcasinoaffiliates are always on top of the matter, and our goal is to make it easy for our visitors to choose the best slots. Here, you can see which are the best releases every month and which slots we think are the best overall.

Everybody has different tastes of what makes a good slot, but some features are more popular than others, some slots have great themes and graphics, some that have higher payouts, and some that are just very easy to understand and play. On this page, you will find all the information you need about the best casino slots online to help you save some time when visiting an online casino.

What makes a good casino slot?

There are many ways to make a good and successful online slot. The times are changing, and what was good a few years ago may not be popular in the present. It’s easy to overthink how to make a good slot which we have seen on many occasions from developers. To make a slot too complicated with too many features hasn’t been proven to be the right way. The two most played slots of all time are Book of Dead from Play n Go and Starburst from Netent, and none of them are spectacular. They are elementary games that every player will understand.

book of dead slot logo

The two mentioned slots are around 10 years old, so the technology and ability in making slots have changed, and today we expect more. We want good graphics and a theme that exits us. We also want a few features to aim for. What usually works is a good bonus game and a few extra features to keep our interest up.

Big Time Gaming is the developer who has come up with something original in a slot that worked perfectly in the latest. In 2015 it came up with a new way to of a slot that is called Megaways. In most Megaways slots, you play with up to 117.649 pay lines, which was revolutionary. Of course, today, we can see slots with more pay lines than that, but Megaways slots are still released every month and are still very popular.

megaways casino slots visible on a laptop

A lot of the more popular slots have a high maximum win. You don’t win as often on these slots, so it’s a balance to make a slot interesting when the players have to wait a long time for the bigger wins. There will always be players that enjoy slots with a high jackpot, but more players seem to enjoy lesser wins but more often.

Best casino slots with the highest payouts

There are slots with a high maximum win, and there are slots with a progressive jackpot. These are the slots that don’t only are for entertainment but also to change people’s lives.

A normal maximum win on a slot online is around 5-10.000x the stake. This is a high number, so on most slots, you can win more than most makes on their daily jobs in a month on a single spin.

On the slots with the highest maximum win, you can win 50.000x your stake and more on a single spin. These wins are often won in the slots bonus game and often a bonus game that offers a win multiplier. A good and recent example of a slot with this is Starburst XXXtreme, where the multiplier can be more than 150x the win.

This slot was released 15th of July in 2021 and is also the slot that offers the highest win on a single spin that isn’t a progressive jackpot slot. So, for example, you can win 200.000x your stake on a single spin on Starburst XXXtreme. It is also the sequel of Starburst that is one of the most famous slots online.

Best slots with a progressive jackpot

Slots with a progressive jackpot have always been something special in an online casino and probably always will. These are the slots that make the headlines when they are paid out to lucky players.

A progressive jackpot is a slot where a small percentage of every bet made on it goes to the slot, which means it’s increasing limitless until someone wins it and it goes back to its minimum size.

Even the minimum size starts on a life-changer size for most people on the most popular slots with a progressive jackpot.

The best slots with a progressive jackpot are also the ones with the most money in the pots. On almost all good online casinos, you will find Mega Moolah from Microgaming and Mega Fortune from Netent. A lot of people have been millionaires from the jackpots from these slots. On both, there have been players that have won more than €10 million.

Of course, it’s close to impossible to be one of these players, but to put yourself with a chance is enough to make these two slots a success for the game developers and online casinos.

There are slots with lower progressive jackpots but are won a lot more frequently. Then, finally, there are progressive jackpots that are won every day and even every hour.

Slots with the best theme and design

Since slots are mainly about entertainment, the theme and design are important parts of making the best slots online. As a player, we need a theme in the same way as the video games have, and nowadays, we also expect a good design in the best slots.

Developers are certainly aware of the importance of this, and we find a theme on all better slots, and the design is getting better for every year.

A popular theme of the best slots is ancient Egypt in different ways. An example of a slot with this theme in the Book of Dead. Other themes that we see a lot of are Nordic gods, rock n roll, Hollywood, TV, and board games.

There are a lot of slots that are made from popular movies and series. Most superstars’ characters have a slot and the most popular series, Game of Thrones and Friends.

Best RTP slots

RTP means Return to Player, and each slot shows the percentage that they give back to the players on average. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more profitable to play a slot that gives back more percentage, but if you want to play for a long time with the money in your playing account, it makes a slight difference. The percent average is from billions of rounds, so that it can differ significantly from time to time. You can win a lot more often on a slot that average gives back less during an evening of playing.

Some slots give back as much as 98% to the players, while some give as little as 94%, so it could be wise to check the RTP on the slot before playing it.

In our slot reviews, you can always see what RTP the slot has.

Casino slots with the best feature

Some of the most popular features in slots are wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, win multiplier, colossal symbols, avalanche, respins, and free spins.

We expect good online slots to have at least three features. One of the features should be a bonus game where the biggest wins in the slot can be won. There are different ways to win the bonus game, but the most common is to get at least 3 scatters on the board.

Apart from the bonus game, there should be at least two more exciting features, and those can be avalanche which means that the winning symbols disappear and are replaced with new ones. This gives the player extra chances to win multiple times in just one betting round. An example of a slot with this feature is Sweet Bonanza and Gonzos Quest Megaways.

Wilds and expanding wilds is another feature that is popular in the best slots online. This gives an extra spice to the game and not just a long wait for the bonus game. A popular slot with expanding wilds is Sakura Fortune.

Developers are constantly trying to figure out new features to the slots. Some stick, and others go away in lack of interest from the players. The mentioned ones have stuck as well as a few others. It’s not common to see completely new features today. Instead, we see different ways of using the most popular features, which seems to be the best way to improve the slots. There are many ways to use them, and that keeps the slots up to date.

The tempo is high when it comes to slot making, and it’s a good thing that the developers don’t jump two steps ahead but instead make the most of the existing features before coming up with new ones.

Best new casino slots

Online casino players are constantly fed with new casino slots. Most of these won’t be played much, while others will be played for years. It’s difficult to know which of these new slots are worth a try or not, and that’s why we at Topcasinoaffiliates have done the job of trying them out and letting you know the answers to these questions.

Every month we give you the most exciting and best new slot release and 6 other slots worth trying out.

At this moment, we see a lot of sequels being released. In the last few years, we have seen sequels from most of the best slots online. These slots will always be played a lot the first couple of weeks after release, and if they are good, they will stick for a long time in a good spot in the casinos.

Examples of sequels that have been successful are Money Train 2, Gonzos Quest Megaways, and Starburst XXXtreme.

Every month is exciting to see what the developers have come up with. They are getting better and better, and the evolution of slots online is rapid.

Which are the best slots online?

Obviously, it’s hard to give direct answers since it’s a matter of taste to some extent. The most played slots are, as mentioned, Starburst and Book of Dead, but those are, in our opinion, not the best slots. The best things about those two slots are that they are easy to understand and have a clear theme.

Several Megaways slots are very well made and entertaining. For example, Gonzos Quest Megaways is a great slot with a good free spins bonus where good money can be won and a good extra feature that can pay a lot.

Sweet Bonanza is another great slot. It has a good candy theme, the avalanche feature, and a great free spins bonus with multipliers.

Tens of slots really stand out, and to get the most of your time at an online casino, a bit of good advice is to stick to playing these.

Where to find the best slots online?

The best slots online are usually easy to find in a casino. If it’s a good online casino, they have a section that says “Popular slots” or something similar. Here you will find the most played slots online. These are not always the very best slots, but its slots that the majority of the players enjoy.

You can also find suggestions of slots that we feel are among the best here on our site. You can read a review on each slot before you play it to see if it sounds interesting enough to give it a go. You can find the most played slots of all time on our site, slots with the most interesting features, slots with a great theme, slots with a high maximum win, and slots that we find the best online. Hopefully and probably, you will find one or several of your liking in our slot list.
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